OKC Office: Presbyterian Health Foundation, Research Park, 840 Research Parkway, Suite 250, OKC, OK 73104
Tulsa Office: 618 E. Third Street, Suite 1, Tulsa, OK 74120


OKC Office: 405 235 2305
Tulsa Office: 918-582-5592



Description: i2E offers a three week Immersion Venture Assessment process designed to investigate the product-market fit and business opportunity of a new, innovative product or concept. Each week consists of a 90 min, in-person workshop with a weekly assignment to be completed by the participating company. Additionally, weekly one-on-one meetings will be scheduled with each company to discuss in detail the concept, targeted markets and potential market(s) of product or service. Following the completion of the Assessment process, i2E meets with each company to help identify next steps. (Previously called the Proof of Concept Center.)