Address: 201 Business Building, Stillwater, OK 74078

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Phone Number: 405 744 5064

Description: The Spears School of Business was created in 1904 and accredited in 1958 by the AACSB International. The business school consists of seven academic departments and boasts over 100 tenure and on-track-for-tenure professionals with various educational backgrounds. Close to 4000 undergraduate students in the 17 degree programs and 800 students in the six master’s degree program make up the student body of the business school.The Spears School of Business offers doctorate programs in business administration and in economics.

Under the umbrella of the Spears School of Business, the School of Entrepreneurship is comprised of 35 courses. The curriculum allows students to build entrepreneurial experiences by immersing the students in real-time business emulation.

Each summer, the school offers many different programs to further their students. The Student Incubator allows those accepted into the program to explore their entrepreneurial project while living at the Entrepreneurial Dormitory. The South Africa Consulting Program gives 25 students the opportunity to travel to the country and collaborate with entrepreneurs for six weeks. These programs are designed for students of various degrees to help achieve set milestones along the path for graduation.