OKC Office: 755 Research Parkway, Suite 110., Oklahoma City, OK 73104-3612
Tulsa Office: 618 East 3rd St, Suite 5., Tulsa, Ok 74120


OKC Office: 405 319 8426
Tulsa Office: 918 576 7650

Description: OCAST was organized and founded in 1987 as the state’s agency for technology-based economic development. OCAST’s mission is to “expand and diversify Oklahoma’s economy and provide new and higher quality jobs for Oklahomans by encouraging the development of new products, new processes and whole new industries in Oklahoma.” The organization invests in science and technology having the potential for positive economic impact and positive influence in the community. The focus of OCAST is primarily in establishing and accelerating collaborations between different entities such as state government, universities, start-up companies and established large-scale firms. The product of such collaborations is a technological development that will provide great influence. Currently the organization has a variety of technologies upon its resume such as biosciences, information technology, sensors and electronics, advanced materials, energy and alternative fuels.

The state of Oklahoma provides OCAST with grants to fund many different programs to aid the development of science and technology based research. OCAST also offers various assistance programs for potential applicants and award recipients such as Workshops, OCAST Collaborative Assistance Database, and Proposal Writing Support. To facilitate a wider scope of services, OCAST aligns itself with other organizations with the same interest in expanding Oklahoma’s economy such as i2E Inc., Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance, Oklahoma State University and the State Chamber of Oklahoma.

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