OKC Office: 755 Research Parkway, Suite 110., Oklahoma City, OK 73104-3612
Tulsa Office: 618 East 3rd St, Suite 5., Tulsa, Ok 74120



Phone Number:
OKC Office: 405 319 8410
Tulsa Office: 918 576 7650

Description: The R&D Faculty and Student Intern Partnerships program allows Oklahoma’s undergraduate students and faculty to connect and work with companies specializing in applied research and development. The program is meant to help students prepare for careers at Oklahoma scientific and technical firms and allow experienced faculty to familiarize themselves with any new technologies or processes. The internship for both students and faculty will be up to one year with the designated company.

Prospective undergraduate students and faculty pursuing or held degrees, respectively, must be in the disciplines of natural sciences, computer sciences, material science, engineering, and biomedical/biotechnical. The program will allocate $10,000 to $30,000 to the awarded members for the internship. The fund will require a matching fund from non-state appropriated funds.