Address: 101 N. Broadway Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73102



Phone Number: 405 270 1086
SBA Phone: 405 270 4732

Description: BancFirst was founded in 1989 in Oklahoma City and has since become the largest state-chartered bank in Oklahoma and 3rd largest bank in the state. David Rainbolt is the President and CEO of Bancfirst and has been the Chairman since 2005. The company possesses over 100 service locations and close to 2000 employees. The SBA has awarded “Oklahoma’s Top Volume SBA Lender” to BancFirst for 14 consecutive years. BancFirst has also been distinguished by the SBA as “Preferred” and “Certified.”

BancFirst offers SBA 7(A) and SBA 504 to small businesses. The SBA 7(A) loan is applicable to 98% of all businesses and up the amount of $2 million according to BancFirst. Requirements include: less than $6 million in annual sales, under 100 employees in wholesale, and less than 500 employees in the applying business’s manufacturing division. This loan is standard for most business purposes such as purchasing real estate, equipment, refinancing and working capital with a portion guaranteed by the SBA.

The SBA 504 aims for businesses to purchase real estate, completed construction, machinery, and equipment purchases. The company boasts low fixed interest rates, long terms and low borrower equity. It is structured to cover 40% of the completed project cost with 10% borrower equity with other 50% of the loan to come from BancFirst on a conventional basis. For long-term machinery and equipment, the terms carry a life of up to 10 years. The terms carry a life of up to 15 years for Real Estate.

BancFirst has provided small businesses SBA loans for over 20 years and leads the industry in volume in the state. The company’s annual average earning growth rate of 3.7% over the past 10 years reflects the steady leadership instilled by Rainbolt.